2020, What a Year it Has Been

Dear Supporters,

What a year this has been! I am grateful for so much, and especially for your continued support throughout 2020.  

Here is just a sampling of our accomplishments, made possible by a joint effort of the EarthShare Georgia staff, board, advisory council, volunteers and donors like you: 

  1. Welcomed two new corporate partners: Invesco and Rubicon to our list of 2020 Corporate Sustainers
  2. Enlisted the help of musicians, filmmakers, tech gurus, and professional emcees to be creative and professional in virtual presentations for our member groups, our corporate partners and the community at large 
  3. Produced a film on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day highlighting today’s challenges and hopes for a sustainable environment, made possible by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation 
  4. Worked with the 48in48 team of Cox Enterprises to create a brand-new, fresh and dynamic website designed to better serve Georgia citizens 
  5. Leveraged the great work of several of our member groups to showcase a program about the benefits of nature to our health and well-being in partnership with the Corporate Volunteer Council of Atlanta, and another on the benefits of composting in partnership with CompostNow! 
  6. Planned and held both an Employee Engagement Forum and Corporate Sustainability Forum highlighting the work of both our corporate partners and member groups 
  7. Orchestrated the “Every Day is Earth Day Leadership Lunch” featuring Ryan Gravel as a speaker on the great work to provide equitable access, abundance and beauty to the great waterways of Georgia  
  8. Organized two online eco-auctions to benefit both EarthShare Georgia and our member groups 
  9. Developed an Earth Day Toolkit and Employee Engagement Toolkit to provide resources for virtual learning and positive individual actions to care for the environment 

At this year end, please consider a gift to the one organization that connects people to the work of dozens of outstanding environmental organizations, EarthShare Georgia.  As Georgia’s “Green Umbrella” your gift can make a difference in ensuring we have clean and plentiful air, land and water, as well as healthy food and safe places in nature for all to enjoy. 

*You may make your contribution online here or send a check to:
 EarthShare Georgia, P.O. Box 8688, Atlanta 31106. 

Thank you in advance for your generous donation to EarthShare Georgia! 


Happy Holidays! 

Madeline L. Reamy
Executive Director 

2020 Impact & Reflections Report