“Oh, What a dollar can do!” 

When you choose to give to EarthShare through payroll deduction, you are choosing a smart and convenient way to care for the environment.  For most of us, a few dollars a paycheck is easier to swallow than a one-time contribution.  For the price of the occasional latté or a new CD, your contribution can have a real impact.

$25 or $1 per pay period
One candy bar; OR remove 60 pounds of trash from Georgia’s shorelines and underwater areas

$50 or $2 per pay period
One family night at the movies; OR plant 2 trees to restore Atlanta’s urban tree canopy and reduce the heat island caused by deforestation

$75 or $3 per pay period

One soda and a bag of chips; OR underwrite one hour of a collaborative project to reduce dangerous car emissions and create cleaner air for all of us to breathe

$100 or $4 per pay period
Eat lunch out; OR help set aside and preserve wilderness areas from strip mining and other destructive actions

$125 or $5 per pay period
Two tickets to a concert; OR furnish a middle school with a forest ecology curriculum in English and Spanish

$250 or $10 per pay period
Drive alone to work; OR provide posters, postcards, and other educational materials to inform national park visitors about steps they can take to help prevent increased air pollution in their parks

$500 or $20 per pay period
Weekend at a spa; OR help fund research to identify the chemicals in air pollution that contribute to birth defects, lung cancer and leukemia

$1,000 or $42 per pay period (Leadership Givers’ Club)
One year of lattés; OR sponsor a field trip for 10 students from underprivileged areas or homeless shelters to a wilderness area trip. Learn more about the benefits of the Leadership Givers’ Club.