Benefits of Workplace Giving

EarthShare of Georgia can help employers develop effective workplace campaigns that address the philanthropic interests of the company and the individual employee.

For the Employer:

Community Leadership – A strong EarthShare of Georgia campaign demonstrates a company’s commitment to quality of life issues and corporate social responsibility.  “Air quality” and “water” now rank among Georgian’s top five concerns.

Corporate Recognition
 – EarthShare of Georgia recognizes its partnering businesses as environmental leaders through advertising and other promotional opportunities.

Being Green is Easy – EarthShare of Georgia provides a simple and inexpensive way for businesses to implement a sustainability initiative and support environmental causes.

Easy Administration – Workplace campaigns are efficient and easy to administer.  Adding EarthShare of Georgia requires minimal staff time to integrate.

Smart Economies – EarthShare of Georgia’s low administrative costs (under 10%) ensure that your donation makes a difference.

One Simple Way – EarthShare of Georgia is the only statewide organization connecting employees to environmental groups through workplace giving campaigns.

For the Employee:

Employee Choice – Employees have the unique option of making one gift to be shared among all 60 + local, national and international member groups or designating to one or more member groups of their choice.

Education – Campaign information about charitable organizations expands an employee’s knowledge about their community.

Satisfaction – Employees experience greater satisfaction when they are able to give to organizations that address issues that are important to them.

Employer Relations – Employees feel more closely connected to companies that are sensitive to their interests and empower them through choice.

Reduced Pressure
 – A campaign focused on education and voluntary giving is less pressured than a campaign with limited or no choices.

For Charities and Communities:

More Resources
 – Workplace campaigns are a sustainable source of funds for a non-profit community committed to finding and promoting solutions to issues of energy and wildlife conservation, clean air and clean water. 

Expanded Outreach
 – The workplace provides new and expanded avenues for community outreach to increase non-profit’s support base.  When valuable lessons of energy and wildlife conservation are allowed to spread throughout the community, everyone wins.

Increased Partnership
 – Employee Giving campaigns encourage cooperation and collaboration among charitable organizations, as well as between businesses and non-profits.  These partnerships help to reduce duplication and build more meaningful community coalitions.

Managing Employee Giving